An overview of services offered by Open Media Marketing is presented here.


You may buy and sell a radio or TV program or even you may buy and sell a radio station / network or a satellite TV station. You are an individual or a company and interested in media buying and selling, just get our services and expertise. We keep a close liaison with the media concerns. We also provide consultancy services for acquisition of media licenses from the regulators.



Open Media Marketing provides distribution of national, regional and international television and radio programs, feature films, documentaries, audio and video music, multimedia software, and media literature for interested clients in the media market of Pakistan. Our experts enjoy excellent relations with media individuals and networks including television, radio, cable TV networks, Internet providers, newspapers, periodicals, advertising agencies, government officials, technocrats and politicians. OMM is currently engaged in the distribution of some of the well-reputed international TV channels and production companies.

FIELDS: 24-Hours Live Rebroadcast of Satellite TV/Radio programs; Specified Duration Live Rebroadcast of Satellite TV/Radio programs; Time delayed Rebroadcast of Satellite TV/Radio programs; Documentaries on all subjects; Drama Serials; Drama Series; Soap; Comedy; Sports; Video Music; Audio Music / Classical / Folk /Pop; Talk Shows; Quiz Programs; Advertisements; TV Listings; Cinema movies for TV; Action / Thrill / Horror TV programs; Children; Stage / Theater Drama; Educational Programs; Fillers; Animated Programs etc.

MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE: Audio Players; Video Players; Audio / Video Composers / Editing Software; Multimedia Applications


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OMM provides marketing & promotion solutions on all available social media platforms including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and search engines like Yahoo etc. We also offer distribution of content on websites, placement of web links, radio & TV links.



We help produce documentaries and feature programs for television and radio services. Experts on our panel are also available to write scripts and background commentaries on given subjects as well as to provide assistance to foreign producers. OMM provides facilities of subtitling and dubbing at its affiliated studios. Dubbing is available in all leading international and regional languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Pashto, Dari and Arabic etc. Local anchoring can also be arranged.



OMM provides services for ‘Rating & Recommendation’ of Radio and TV programs and feature films for use of general public and media platforms. On given topics, we help prepare brief or intensive analysis through most modern techniques and arrange publicity of results of the surveys and opinion polls in desired media.



Exhibitions, workshops, seminars, road shows and stage events play a vital role in creating awareness about new ideas and at the same time provide effective forum to introduce new developments and products to enhance business opportunities too! We arrange all such activities. Besides holding screening sessions at different media establishments, members of OMM team also attend events at film, radio, television and IT markets.



OMM provides advertising services for Satellite TV, FM Radio stations, Cable TV and other media products and institutions. Attractive packages are available. Advertising in all formats including print, electronic and social media, outdoor and also on OMM websites is available.



OMM provides consultancy on media solutions including selection of equipment for various electronic media set ups like FM radio, satellite TV and Cable TV networks. We also provide service & support in evolving of media web portals.