Meet The Team


Our team comprises of some of the best media personnel around in the country. We believe in team excellence to provide world class support to the clients.


Nadeem Wahid Siddiqui
CEO & Director

Nadeem W. Siddiqui is among the well placed prominent media figures in Pakistan, working in the fields of media marketing, media education and active journalism with national and international media concerns of high repute since 1982. He holds a masters degree in journalism from the University of Punjab and has worked with the Central News Organization of Radio Pakistan as news editor, and with Radio Deutsche Welle as editor-cum-broadcaster. He is the country representative of Germany’s international broadcasting service Deutsche Welle since 1998. He enjoys close relations with all major media institutions and personalities.

Nadeem W. Siddiqui established Open Media Marketing in 2001 with an idea to provide a modern marketing platform to growing media in Pakistan. OMM was registered as a private limited company in 2007.

Nadeem W. Siddiqui is also a visiting faculty member of the Department of Communication Sciences at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi; and the Virtual University of Pakistan in Lahore. He has designed Pakistan’s first ever 30 credit hours TV course on “Radio Broadcasting” for Virtual University. He is also trainer for DW in Radio related subjects.

Other than media subjects, Nadeem W. Siddiqui is a writer with one book “Roop Behroop” of short stories on his credit. He is a keen hobbyist and leading stamp collector.

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Aliya Nadeem
Director OMM

Aliya Nadeem is an expert media person having command on content analysis, media monitoring and documentation. She holds a masters degree in journalism from the University of Punjab, Lahore. She had worked as news editor with the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation for fifteen years and later joined Open Media Marketing (Pvt) Limited as director. She is responsible for gathering and updating media data and analyse media market trends.


Saad Omer
Consultant, Media Technologies

Saad Omer is a young entrepreneur working in the fields of technology innovation and social entrepreneurship. He hails from the genre of engineers who work on innovative solutions that could transform the world around us in a positive way. A media and marketing enthusiast, Saad has been working on various technology evolutions in the field of media and marketing since long time, bridging the gap between ever growing media and rapidly changing technology of today’s world.