a brief about open media marketing

Welcome to the web presence of Open Media Marketing! You are at the best buy, sell & distribute media place in Pakistan !!

Open Media Marketing provides a unique platform for all media services and solutions at one place. It is a complete media services centre which is operated by a group of professionals and experts from different fields of media. It offers wide range of media products and provides services at highly competitive basis to and from Pakistan to the electronic and print media networks, organizations and individuals all over the world in related fields.

Pakistan’s strategic geo-political location at the world map makes it an important in the regional and world affairs. Media is playing a key role in achieving well decided goals in and around this country of 160 million people. Electronic media itself is growing fast in Pakistan after various steps of the government to liberalize media policy in 2002. Scores of satellite TV channels, over a hundred and fifty independent FM radio stations, 3 DTH platforms, nearly 3000 cable TV operators and several distribution companies are now working in the field. All major foreign broadcasters are also well placed. Advertising business is at its boom while IT development is on a fast track. Pakistan presents a very competitive media scene in the region.

OMM provides a confident and trusted platform for media solutions. We believe that our services and products will fully cater your requirements with your standard of satisfaction. OMM deals only valid, licensed and proper copyright protected programs and software with full respect of all social norms and legalities of the countries within its market.

OMM has been working since 2001 and it got a registered status as private limited company from Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in June 2007 and it works with a high paid up capital in country’s media market.

Lets work together with trust and commitment!!!