Content Market


Pakistan is a vibrant market for the to-and-from media content. Media in various forms & formats is the biggest source of information and entertainment for majority of the people of Pakistan and they have by one way or the other access to get it by any available means. Since the liberalization of the media policy by Pakistan government in 2002, the media market in the country is growing in size and variety.


Major Content Categories include Electronic Media, Print, Social Media, Web, Media Software, Cinema, Theatre, Media Events and language Courses.

Effective tools and devices are television, radio sets, mobile phone, multimedia devices like ipods, websites, portable data storage devices, cinemas, optical formats like DVD & CDs, billboards, printed newspapers, magazines, books, flyers etc.

Popular segments are TV drama, soaps, music, sports, news, feature films, documentaries, talk shows, cooking recipes programs, morning shows, business news, lifestyle & trends, gossip, film & TV award shows, interactive programs, religious content, travelogues, children content, tabloid magazines, daily newspapers, language courses etc.

Languages in demand and use for the media content in Pakistan are Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki, Balochi and English. Foreign Language in demand for learning include English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German, French and Spanish.

Dubbing of the foreign content into local languages is now in high demand at all possible media market platforms. Several TV channels are in need of foreign content in local languages.


OMM deals with all aspects of media market in Pakistan. We distribute:

  • Local Media Content within Pakistan
  • Foreign Media Content & Software to Pakistan Market
  • Pakistan content to foreign media market

We also facilitate dubbing into local languages at OMM affiliated studios in Islamabad. Local anchoring is also possible. We also arrange media events. Just drop an email to us to your need at and find us with you.